Saturday, September 29, 2012

Phantasm Moods, 9.25.2012

Kenji Kawai_Now Comes the Conclusion_Vampire Princess Miyu: OVA soundtrackOphelia's Dream_Exsolutio_Not a Second TimeProyecto Oniric_Atmosphere_EmotiophobiaDavid Nevue_Sweet Dreams and Starlight_Sweet Dreams and Starlight
Dax Johnson_A Moment in the Life of Me_Random and the Purpose
Zoe Keating _Legions (War)_One Cello x 16: Natoma
Seiji Hano_Bloody Fight Staying Behind_Wrath of the Ninja: OST 2
Japanese Music_The Milky Way_youtube
Kenji Kawai_Larva's Theme_Vampire Princess Miyu: OVA soundtrack
Shane Walsh_The Thinking Man_SEASONS OF LIFE Piano Instrumental Music Series
Chen Yue_The Wizard of Oz_Chinese Title
Roy Todd_Calm in the Storm_Piano Solace
Rob Costlow_Forbidden_Reconstruction
Thomas Smith_No_Piano and Cello
Regina Carter_Pavane_Paganini-After a Dream
Philip Wesley_Far and Away_Dark Night of the Soul
Kenji Kawai_Now Comes the Conclusion_Vampire Princess Miyu: OVA soundtrack
Simon Daum_Uncertain_Clear Sight
James Horner_The Ludlows_Legends of the Fall Soundtrack

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phantasm Moods, 9.18.2012

Bulb_Epic Fail_youtube
Kandahar_Eyes of Glass_Long Live the Sliced Ham
Frames_Don't Stay Here_In Via
Tanlines_Not the Same_live 987FM sessions
The Polar Dream_Last Day, Last Breath_Follow Me to the Forest
Piero Umiliani_Good Morning Sun_To-day's Sound
Kono Shin_Crying Out Love in the Center of the World Theme Medley_ yoututbe arrangement
Port Blue_The Axial Catwalk_The Airship
Western Transitions_Blue Bedouin_The Desert Lounge
Gouryella_Tenshi(Mark Moon Remix)_Musica Del Mar- Ibiza Summer Lounge Cafe
Salt Tank_Leaving Town (Allende's Downtempo Mix)_Musica Del Mar- Ibiza Summer Lounge Cafe
Acchi_But I Carry a Gun_Sounds of Color
Kim Waters_A Love Like This_From the Heart
We All Inherit the Moon_When we Finally Fall Asleep, Part II, Part III_We All Inherit the Moon
Aphex Twin_Blue Calx_ Chill Out Phase Two
Ludovico Einaudi_Ancora_Una Mattina

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Phantasm Moods, 9.4.2012

Nightingale_Japanese Spring_Lightdance
Nightingale_On my Wings_Lightdance
Nightingale_Oregon Hills_Lightdance
Yndi Halda_Illuminate My Heart, My Darling_Enjoy Eternal Bliss
Years of Rice and Salt_Nothing of Cities_ Nothing of Cities
All That Jazz_Moonlight Densetsu_V Anime Rocks!
Soso_Hand to the Plow_Birthday Songs II
Soulchef_Road Trip_Long Hot Summer
Anitek_Lost Hours_Instrumentals Vol. 8
Jia Peng Fang_Deep Blue_Rainbow
Thomas Bergersen_Heart_Heart
Mooncake_Turquoise_Cast the Route

Phantasm Moods, 8.28.2012

The End of Science_You Are Dead_Yrthak
Russian Circles_Attackla_Empros
Kirpi_Winds Melody_Flowers
La Zebra_When in Rome_youtube
Konstantin Klashtorni_Vanilla Twilight_Kool & Klean
Skanda Music_Mahati_Skanda
Maybeshewill_ Take This to Heart_I Was Here For a Moment, Then I Was Gone
Ben Tankard_Song of Solomon_The Best of Ben Tankard
Motionless_Politics of Resignation_The Windmill
Atjazz_Rain Angel_Labresults
Paul Hardcastle_Desire_Desire
Bratkilla_Betrayal_The Forbidden Notes
Anan Ryoko_Refrain_Eternal Light
Kattoo_You Don't Know Me_Hang On to a Dream
Johann Sebastian Bach_Air_Greatest Hits
Raujika_Deep_Art of the World
Years of Rice and Salt_Nothing of Cities_ Nothing of Cities

Friday, August 24, 2012

Phantasm Moods, 8.21.2012

Frenic_New World_Lessons From the Past
Wojciech Kilar_End Credits_Bram Stoker's Dracula Soundtrack
Odjbox_Otto Croy_youtube
Slow Dancing Society_Love Is On the Way_Under the Sodium Lights
Jeff Lorber_Horace_Galaxy
Kaori Kobayashi_Sunset Ocean_Solar
Norman Brown_Night Drive_Just Chillin'
The Best Pessimist_Walking With Happiness_ I Just Want to Be Your Everything
The Immediate_Surrender to Hope_Trailerhead:Saga
Wojciech Kilar_Love Remembered_ Bram Stoker's Dracula Soundtrack
North_Farewell When the Road Darkens_Ruins
The Blue Square_Believe_youtube
Chopin_Nocturno_Musica Clasica Vol. 3
Two Steps from Hell_Goodbye For Now_Dreams & Imaginations
Phaeleh_Midnight Percussion_youtube
Zamfir_The Lonely Shepherd_Kill Bill Soundtrack
Isaac Hayes_Run Fay Run_Kill Bill Soundtrack
Rachmaninoff_ Rhapsody On a Theme of Paganini _Rhapsody On a Theme of
Paganini in Am
Vangelis & Vanessa Mae_Roxanne's Veil_Choreography
Explosions in the Sky_Your Hand in Mine_Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place
Vitalic_You Prefer Cocaine_youtube
Wojciech Kilar_Corso and the Girl_The Ninth Gate Soundtrack
Peter White_Venice Beach_Caravan of Dreams

Phantasm Moods, 8.14.2012

Simon Daum_Uncertain_Clear Sight
Armand Amar_Desert Peace_ Levon Minassian
James Horner_The Ludlows_Legends of the Fall Soundtrack
Inspirative_You_Floating Down Through the Clouds
July_In Love_In Love
Industries of the Blind_ I Just Wanted to Make You Something Beautiful_
Chapter 1: Had We Known Better
Helen Jane Long_One Day_Embers
Joash_The Simple Things (Instrumental Version)_Don't Fear It, Fight It
Hungry Ghosts_ I Don't Think About You Anymore, But I Don't Think About
You Anyless_Alone, Alone
Giovanni Allevi_Aria_Allevilive
Immediate Music_Pandora_Pre-Release
Carly Comando_Everyday_One Take
Lemongrass_Maison A La Mer_Summer Chill Collection
Cherokee_Take Care of You_youtube
Infernal_Arabian Sushi_The Desert Lounge
Cygna_Wooden Little People_Opus Ena
Al Marconi_Innocence_Insomnia
Caspian_Moksha_The Four Trees
Klaus Badelt_Will and Elizabeth_Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack

Phantasm Moods, 8.7.2012

Stars of the Lid_Dungtitled (in A major) _ And Their Refinement of the
Stars of the Lid_Articulate Silences_ And Their Refinement of the Decline
Stars of the Lid_The Evil that Never Arrived_ And Their Refinement of the
Stars of the Lid_Appreludes_ And Their Refinement of the Decline
George Fenton_Utopia_Ever After Soundtrack
George Fenton_Homecoming_Ever After Soundtrack
Sebastian Larsson_ Across the Night Sky_Piano
George Fenton_Walking on Water_Ever After Soundtrack
Taro Iwashiro_Outroduction of Legend_ Red Cliff Soundtrack
George Fenton_The First Kiss_Ever After Soundtrack
Euphoria_Silence in Everywhere_Silence in Everywhere
Elijah Bossenbroek_I Give Up_Carpe Lumen
George Fenton_The Ruins_Ever After Soundtrack
George Fenton_The Prince's Decision_Ever After Soundtrack
Bona Fide_The Poe House_ The Poe House
George Fenton_The Glass Slipper_Ever After Soundtrack
Boney James_Butter_Send One Your Love
Seiji Hano_Going Away to History_Wrath of the Ninja Soundtrack 2
If These Trees Could Talk_Red Forest_ Red Forest
Taro Iwashiro_Precious One_Red Cliff Soundtrack
Cicada_Till the Day We Meet_Over the Sea/Under the Water